"I just don’t get it," the old-timer said, shaking his head. He was leaning back on a tree trunk, his long fiberglass rod, yellowed with age, propped in a forked stick on the bank. He sat up straight, and announced, "Why, we used to take ‘em out of here by the bucketful!" He got up with some effort and made his way to the water’s edge, and tightened his lips as he lifted a stringer to show his one small fish, which gave a listless wave of the tail before being slung back into the water. The old man shook his head again, returned to his seat at the base of the broad oak tree, and picked up his rod. "Just don’t know what happened," he grumbled.

That’s a story that has been played out in countless settings, a story uttered in similar fashion more and more often from innumerable lips over the past thirty years or so.

Read into those words what you like, but at Recycled Fish, we read this:

If the anglers who’d come before us hadn’t taken them out of here by the bucketful, there might still be fish to catch!

Not that we mean any ill will for our fishing forefathers. A strong case is to be made that they didn’t know any better. But we do know now. And you know too, right? You know that Catch & Release helps support more and bigger fish, and that sometimes Selective Harvest is the best thing for the fishery, right?

Sure! A recent survey showed that 80% of anglers are releasing their catch 80% (or more) of the time. That’s great. Catch & Release and Selective Harvest has caught on! We also encourage S.A.F.E Angling everytime you fish, it too will help protect our fisheries. And yet, size and numbers of fish in North America aren’t what they could be.

Why? Because Out Lifestyle Runs Downstream.