·       I pledge to live a Lifestyle of Stewardship on and off the water. Living as a steward means making choices throughout my daily life that benefit lakes, streams and seas - and the fish that swim in them - because my Lifestyle Runs Downstream.

·       I will learn the fish and game laws where I hunt or fish and always abide by them.
·       I will practice Catch & Release and Selective Harvest faithfully and responsibly.
·       I will "police my resource" by turning in poachers and reporting polluters.
·       I will make up for "the other guy" by cleaning up litter wherever my adventures take me.
·       I will boat safely and responsibly, never trespass, and treat other enthusiasts respectfully.
·       I will inspect, clean and dry my boat, boots
and waders when moving between waters to prevent the spread of invasive species.
·       I will provide my time, money, or other resources to support stewardship efforts.
·       I will take steps to see that my home, lawn, vehicle, workplace and everyday lifestyle are
 fish-friendly as I can make them by reducing my water, energy, material and chemical footprint.
·       I will encourage others to take on this ethic and will connect others with the outdoors to grow the stewardship community.
·       I choose to serve as a role model in protecting what remains and recovering what’s been lost of our wild and natural places.
·       I will do my best to honor this pledge and pass this legacy on to future generations of anglers and sportsmen.
I am a Steward.

             No Cost or Fees