2019 Recycled Fish Hardwater Open

Recycled Fish is proud to announce the 2019 Recycled Fish Hardwater Open encompassing six States throughout the ice belt. ​The tournament is a fund raising event for the organization to help spread the word on stewardship across this great nation of ours. We’re targeting bluegill, white and black crappie in a tournament for great prizes.

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The angler or team with the longest total length of 5 bluegill and 5 crappie will be crowned the Recycled Fish Hardwater Open 2019 Champion. 

1st place prize pack consisting of:

Vexilar Fish Scout Combo Viewing System w/FL-20

2 Ice fishing rod & reel combos

Clam Soft Sided Plastics Holder

Assorted Clam Pro Tackle

2nd place –
Clam Stealth Spearfisher Shelter

25” Ice Team pro-series light action rod

24” Dave Genz Ture Blue Series UL spring bobber combo

Clam Soft Sided Plastics Holder

Assorted Clam Pro Tackle

3rd place –
Clam Retreat Ice Shelter

Dave Genz Legacy 26” UL rod

Dave Genz True Blue Series UL spring bobber combo

Clam Soft Sided Plastics Holder

Assorted Clam Pro Tackle

4th Place –
Dave Genz Spring Bobber Series 25” rod combo

Dave Genz Spooler Elite 25” light rod combo

Clam Soft Sided Plastics Holder

Mr. Buddy Heater from Mr. Heater

Assorted Clam Pro Tackle

2 Vexilar beanies

5th Place –
2 Lady Ture Blue Series Light combo’s

2 pair Vexilar Cold Snap premium lined latex gloves

Assorted Clam Pro Tackle

Clam Large Jig Box

Prizes will also be awarded to the 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, & 19th place teams!


Join in the fun! Support Recycled Fish and spread the word on being a steward…on and off the ice!



News from the McGinnis Middle School Ice Fishing Festival


Brutal.  That is the best word to describe the 5th Annual MMS Ice Fishing Festival.  The wind, the snow, the drifts, the wind….did I mention the wind?  The conditions were absolutely miserable.  The holes had to be scooped out about every 3 minutes.  The snow drifted so much that the auger was half buried in a matter of minutes.  Below you will see Edwin Mabey fighting the wind trying to keep his hut from blowing away!  Despite the challenging conditions we crowned a winner…Casey Stinnet (7th grade) was the official winner with a 11.5” rainbow.  We called the tournament at 11:30 that morning (we were scheduled for 2pm) because of the conditions.  The unofficial winner was Dawson Martinez with a 12” bow.  Dawson and Casey will both take home the big prizes…new ice fishing rods! 

A HUGE THANK YOU TO Mr. Bryan Carr!  Without his help, I don’t know if we would have been able to pull off the 2.5 hours of fishing that we did.  Also, thanks to Larry Glavinich Sr. (Larry Jr.’s dad) and the Optimists for their generous donations.  Thanks also to Kevin Madler of the CO DOW and the fine folks of Recycled Fish, a non-profit out of Iowa, for their great donations as well.  In the end, I think the kids all had a memorable experience to say the least!




We’re super excited to announce that Mr. Heater will be donating 2% of all it’s online sales for the entire month of January to Recycled Fish. It’s been a very cold start to the New Year so you will need to stock up on Mr. Heater Handwarmers, Toe Warmers, and XL Warmers. Don’t forget the Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heaters…the Most Popular Heaters in America. You’ll need one of these to keep your portable ice shacks nice and warm for the cool January ice fishing season.

Thanks to all our partners for their continued support and for our Featured Partner this month…Mr. Heater!

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