Fish-A-Thon 2012: Team Roaring Fork Anglers & Gold Medal Nets

Redd Humpy, Traveling Travis, & DamPat Brandenberry
Glenwood Springs, CO
Fishing: Roaring Fork River & Colorado River
Issue: Water usage & Proper CPR Techniques

JP, Ben, Gill, Bill & Redd are constantly picking up trash along our floats and wades on these beautiful rivers. We want people to start being more consious of packing out and properly disposing of their trash. There are annual River Clean-up days which is very good but we do it everyday we are on the rivers. Bill works with local interest groups to help promote stewardship on Clean Up Days.

We are also concerned about the way people think they can take & use water out of our local rivers, sometimes to complete depletion, to sustain big cities useage for green yards. Bill is quick to highlight the fact that Fracking is a major issue when it comes to water usage. Millions of gallons are pumped into the wells during the process. Do we really have extra water to be using it to get more fossil fuels?

We also encourage fisherpeople to use proper techniques when using Catch & Release or CPR (Catch, Photo &Release) techniques on fish. Be sure you hold the fish over the water or at least a net to protect it should it flip/flop out of your hands. Actually the best photos are the surprised expressions on the fisherman's faces as the fish gets away. (click) To the meat fishermen we recommend you practice Selective Harvest. "Don't Catch Your Limit, Limit your Catch!" says Redd. "It is really all about protecting our waters and preserving fish for future generations."

When you donate to Team Roaring Fork Anglers & Gold Medal Nets in the 2012 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon, part of your funds will go to Stewardship Kits  that we'll distribute right here in our area. Each kit features a full-color 20-page booklet about the problems facing our waters, and everyday ways to help solve those problems. Each booklet is packaged with a reusable shoreline cleanup bag. The average stewardship kit results in 24 gallons of trash out of our waters. It also engages, educates and equips and another household to be everyday stewards of our waters. 

Meet us at the Glenwood Springs River Cleanup, Saturday August 25 from 9AM to Noon and support the Glenwood Springs River Commisssion. You can read more about the Colorado River and the challanges it faces at Colorado River District website.

Please give what you can!

Donate to our team via Paypal

Donate to our team by mailing a check to Recycled Fish at:

Recycled Fish
Attn: 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon
3109 Lone Tree Road
Bellevue, NE 68123

Please put angler’s name or team name in the memo line of your check

Thank You!

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