Fish-A-Thon 2011: Team Bear Trail

Nanci Morris Lyon & Kate Taylor
Water: Naknek River

Team Bear Trail - 2011 FishAThon Winners


ISSUE: The proposed Pebble Mine poses devastating risks to Bristol Bay

Solution: Outdoors men and women everywhere – not just those of us in Alaska – need to know about the dangers of open pit mining in clean water areas, the hazards involved and the long term potential consequences. Anglers from around the world come to Bristol Bay to fish. People from around the world eat salmon that come from Bristol Bay – America’s last wild, strong, native salmon stock. Local economies are built on the commercial and sport fishery, and the native way of life here depends upon a strong, healthy fishery. A massive open pit mine, the largest the world has ever seen, has been proposed in the headwaters of Bristol Bay. Similar mines have always historically failed, and the likelihood that this one will fail is a near certainty. Hundreds of companies in the outdoor industry as well as companies in industries like jewelry have joined us in saying “No Pebble Mine” but we need you to add your voice as well. To learn more, please see Alaska's Bristol Bay PDF.

You can learn more about Nanci and the Bear Trail Lodge on her website and at Kate's Blog, Rogue Angels.

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