We Are Stewards - Thank You

Thanks for standing up as a steward by taking the Sportsman's Stewardship Pledge!

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Here are four easy ways you can start living as a steward right away.

1. Become a Supporting Steward

If you didn't do so from the get-go, and you can swing $25 to help advance the Stewardship Ethic (and score some nice stuff for yourself at the same time) become a Supporting Steward.

With your donation, you'll get a Recycled Fish T-shirt and a whole bunch of other goodies. Plus, you'll truly be on the leading edge of stewardship by helping to fund projects to defend our waters.

You can also make a $10 (or greater) donation and help us offset our cost of printing, shipping, packaging and handling for your stewardship packet.

2. Post the Pledge & Spread the Word

Send someone an e-mail inviting them to take the Sportsman's Stewardship Pledge.
Post the pledge and a link to Recycled Fish on Facebook, Twitter, an internet fishing forum, your website, or wherever you can. Copy & paste the contents, link to it, have at it!

3. Support Recycled Fish partners

We encourage you to shop with the companies who support Recycled Fish. By doing so, you let them know that you value thier investment in stewardship, and it encourages them to do more of it. You can see Our Partners here.

We also hope that you’ll buy some of your flies from the Recycled Fish Online Fly Shop.

4. Get involved

Want to be an “online ambassador?” If you spend much time online in fishing forums, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, GoFishn, Angling Masters, Google+, or any other social media platform, we need YOUR HELP to spread the word! Just email Isaac Miller and tell him you’d like to join the team. You’ll get a weekly email that has bite-sized chunks you can share with your community to help advance the Stewardship Ethic.

Build a team for the 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon! It’s anglers fishing around the clock and across North America to raise awareness for the problems facing our waters, and money to help solve those problems. Plus, you can win awesome prizes – like the fishing trip of a lifetime – and much more.

So there's the "quick five" - five things you can do right away to start living as a steward in a new way today. The lakes, streams and seas that we love need more than just sportsmen, they need stewards like you.

You have our sincerest thanks for joining Recycled Fish.

Teeg Stouffer
Executive Director
Recycled Fish

Thank you for supporting our cause and taking the Stewardship Pledge. We will ship your gifts to you within the next 3-5 business days.