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Recycled Fish is the Conservation Partner
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Recycled Fish is an unofficial assembly of anglers living a Lifestyle of Stewardship both on and off the water, because "Our Lifestyle Runs Downstream".

Today, Recycled Fish is ice fishing focused. However, if we want to catch more and bigger fish today and leave healthy waters for our grandkids, it takes living a Lifestyle of Stewardship both on and off the water, no matter where we fish, and in every season. 

On the water, we promote the S.A.F.E. Angling concept – "Sustaining Angling, Fish and Ecosystems". These are the practices and products we can use to live as stewards when we're on the water. It's non-toxic and biodegradable tackle, single barbless hooks, and it's cleaning up trash when we find it. 

It's not just Catch and Release, Selective Harvest is part of living as a steward on the water, too. Most of all, it's about taking responsibility for our actions - both when we're fishing and every day - to defend and protect our waters for future generations.

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Recycled Fish 'On Ice'
Recycled Fish 'On Ice'

Recycled Fish 'On Ice' makes a big difference for waters across the ice belt. We've helped bring the catch and release ethic to ice fishing. We've handed out thousands of bags that have accounted for thousands of gallons of trash removed from the ice. Learn more about why and how you can make a difference.

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