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  • The Six Risks Facing Fishing

    Threat # 1 Invasive species

    Zebra-MusselsFrom coast to coast and border to border, aquatic invasive species are degrading fisheries and diminishing angler access as they cause tremendous damage to the nation’s ecosystems and economy.

    Solution: Inspect, clean and dry boats, boots and waders when you move between waters, and never dump your bait bucket. Read more…


    Threat #2 Declining Participation

    Kids-Fishing-Levi-TouchAnglers pay for fisheries management, boat ramps, habitat work and much more through the purchase of your fishing license and your fishing tackle, as well as fuel for your boat.

    Solution: Easy – take someone new fishing, or get someone back on the water who hasn’t been fishing for a while. Read more…


    Threat #3 Overharvest

    Fish_netWhether in the smallest pond or the largest ocean, fish can be overharvested. For example, too many large bass can be removed from a pond. With those top-level predators gone, small fish become too abundant and the result is a population of stunted bass and bluegill.

    Solution: Harvest selectively, avoid harvesting from sensitive fisheries, and report poachers with vigilance. Read more…

    Threat #4 Access

    No-FishingAnglers are losing access to their favorite fisheries. Sometimes, it’s because of development or budget cuts. Other times it’s because government bodies or even private groups have shut down public launch areas.

    Solution: Make sure you leave every area better than you found it, be committed and vocal about preventing the spread of invasive species, and get involved locally so that angler interests are represented when decisions on access are made. Read more…

    Threat #5 Water Quantity

    Dry_river_bed_in_CaliforniaWithout water, we couldn’t fish. And neither could we live. Every living thing on the planet needs water to survive.

    Solution: Find ways to save water at home and in your yard and garden. Some aren’t as obvious. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and how we get around plays a big part, because our lifestyle runs downstream. Read more…


    Threat #6 Water Quality

    Canal-pollutionAbout 44 percent of stream miles, 64 percent of lake acres, and 30 percent of bay and estuarine square miles are not clean enough to support uses such as fishing and swimming, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    Solution: Use fewer toxic chemicals and never dump them irresponsibly. Recycle, including recycling e-waste, and reduce the pesticide and herbicides you use on your lawn and garden. Read more…