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    Stewardship Tips: Wait to Fertilize

    By Anna | August 29, 2014


    It is not ideal to fertilize your lawn during the heat of the summer.  If fertilizer is applied when the temperature is excessively hot, it can burn your lawn.  Moreover, if the soil is dry, fertilizer granules can be easily washed into the street and down the sewer.

    You want to apply about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water after fertilization to move the nitrogen into the surface soil where it can be protected from runoff and used by the grass.  In the summer, watering bans may be in place that will prevent you from irrigating after fertilization.

    Now is a good time to wait.  Fertilize later!  This will help to reduce the chances of fertilizer running off your lawn and entering your watershed.

    Why it’s important to the fish: During the heat of summer, warmer water in our lakes, rivers, and streams contains less dissolved oxygen.  Non-point pollution, such as nitrogen and phosphorus from lawn fertilizers, can promote and hasten algae blooms.  Algae blooms can consume dissolved oxygen. This can lead to fish kills.

    When the temperatures are hot, it is not an ideal time to fertilize your lawn. The hot and dry conditions can promote runoff and adversely affect our rivers, lakes, and streams.


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