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  • SAFE keys you can use#7:Using live bait from same water

    7. Using live bait caught from same body of water that it will be used in. Alternately, bait purchased from a local baitshop. (Never dump minnows or minnow bucket water into the lake or stream, never transfer fish from one water to another.)
    Kingfish Livebait
    – Inherent in the use of live bait is the potential of transferring disease or bacteria from one body of water to another. While one body of water and it’s plants and animals, including fish, may have developed an immunity and ecological balance with a particular bacteria, virus, disease, parasite, or other organism, the transfer of those things along with baitfish foreign to another body of water could prove disastrous, throwing off the balance of it’s own particular ecosystem.

    – Even the baitfish or any other fish transported from one body of water to another long-lasting, widespread and potentially negative effects, such as has been seen with gobies, grass and Asian carp, and zebra mussels.
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    Have you taken the Recycled Fish Sportsman’s Stewardship Pledge? If not, it’s an easy way to advance the Stewardship Ethic. Catch and Release best practices and Selective Harvest are important, but conservation and stewardship of our waters means preventing the spread of invasive species, SAFE Angling or “green fishing,” and other angler ethics. The truth is, the stuff we do every day – even off the water – matters just as much, because our lifestyle runs downstream.

    Stewardship Tips are available here.