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    Schtick me in your ear

    By FishRecycler | February 20, 2010

    Here it is. The Fish Schtick. A mash-up of Recycled Fish and Moldy Chum, stirred up and served in a simmering pot of everything new in the world of fishing, week after tasty week. It’s editorializing on the top stories on Moldy Chum (The Onion of the fly fishing world), it’s finding out what’s new at Recycled Fish. It’s Teeg Stouffer and Brian Bennett stretching the truth on our latest fishing escapes. And it’s the best guests the world of fishing has to offer. People off the beaten path who have great stories to tell, the men and women bringing innovation and discovery, and some of the biggest names and events. Every week we cover what’s hot in conservation and stewardship news, too, so you’ll not only be a better informed angler, you’ll be a better informed steward.

    itunes150Listen when you want, where you want. Put it in your ear with your iPod or MP3 player, burn ’em to disc for a road trip, or listen at your desk … the TPS Reports will wait. Now available on iTunes, RSS, or listen online through the Mauro Media website.

    The complete Fish Schtick Podcast  archive can be found further down this page. We hope you enjoy them.

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    John & Lori Unger of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, founded BossTin in 2002. Coming from a long line of fisherman, John Unger recognized the need and desire to help ensure our habitats and water fowl, like loons and eagles, are here for many generations to come. The creation and intense design of all of our products help ensure that we, as fishermen are all doing our part.

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    Fish Schtick podcast Archives

    Special Video Shorts: Montana Hutterite Crash & Big Bluegill Bruce Condello

    Episode 99:Peter Laurelli

    Episode 97:Derek Grzelewski

    Episode96:Catch Up Show

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    Episode 94:Tony Forte

    Episode 93:Rob Snowhite

    Episode 92:Thad Robison

    Episode 91:2011 in Review

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    Episode 89:Holiday Gift Guide

    Episode 88:Richard Louv

    Episode 87:Christine Warren

    Episode 86:Quick Update

    Episode 85:Courtney Ogilvie

    Episode 84:Catching up with Brain Bennett

    Episode 83: Teeg & Michael

    Episode 82: Kate Taylor & Nanci Morris Lyon – Team Bear Trail

    Episode 81: Cheeky Fly Fishing

    Episode 80: Kristi Denton Cohen – The River Why movie

    Episode 79: Ron Higgins at Higgy’s Freshwater Adventures

    Episode 78: Jeff Kolodzinski sets world record

    Episode 77: ICAST & Outdoor Retailer

    Episode-76:Frank Smethurst

    Episode-75:David Eisenhauer

    Episode-74:Mikey Weir

    Episode-73:Robert Lawler

    Episode-72:Memorial Day 2011

    Episode-71:Bobby Brown Trout

    Episode-70:Lawrence Euteneier

    Episode-69:Earth Day Show

    Episode-68: Spot Hug

    Episode-67: Travis Lowe

    Episode-66: Wally Marshall

    Episode-65:Children Author Spectacular

    Episode-64:Musky Country-Zero 2 Hero

    Episode-63: Bassmaster Recap

    Episode-62 : Randy Blaukat

    Episode-61: Ice Fishing Spectacular -2011

    Episode-60: Stewardship Spectacular

    Episode-59: Captain John Hendrickson

    Episode-58 :Thad Robison

    Episode 57: Best of 2010

    Episode 56: Amanda Switzer

    Episode 55: Holiday Gift Guide

    Episode 54: Catch Magazine

    Episode 53: Fish and Adventure Podcast Spectacular

    Episode 52: Chad Morgenthaler

    Episode 51: Marshall Cutchin

    Episode 50: Brian Snowden

    Episode 49: 120 seconds

    Episode 48: Andy Heathcote

    Episode 47: Kyle Kosovich | Longboat Outfitters

    Episode 46: Tim Pommer

    Episode 45: Darren Gallaher

    Episode 44: Curt Redden

    Episode 43 : Catch Up

    Episode 42: Keith Sutton,Executive Director, Future Fisherman Foundation.

    Episode 41: Ryan Roberts, National Fish Habitat

    Episode 40: Jackie Smith

    Episode 39: Jim Hudson

    Episode 38 : Pete Maina, Muskie & Pike fishing

    Episode 37 : Dr.Bruce Condello:Angler, Bluegill

    Episode 36: Brian O’Keefe and Todd Moen: Catch Magazine

    Episode 35: Anders Halverson: An Entirely Synthetic Fish

    Episode 34: Andrew Bennett / Deneki Outdoors

    Fish Schtick Special: End of the Line

    Episode 33: Bryan Huskey / Fishbite Media

    Episode 32: Shaw Grigsby / BASS Elite Angler

    Episode 31: Aaron Adams / Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

    Episode 30: Bill Farnum / Casting 4 A Cure

    Episode 29: Thad Robison / Fly Fishing Film Tour

    Episode 28: Fish Schtick Ice Fishing Spectacular: Dave Genz, Don Cox, Rod Woten & More

    Episode 27: April Vokey / Flygal Adventures

    Episode 26: Zeno Hroman / Surfcaster’s Journal

    Episode 25: Fish Schtick Holiday Gift Guide

    Episode 24: Fran Mariani / Host of Fly Cast America on ESPN Latin America

    Episode 23: John Crews / PAA President and BASS Elite Angler

    Episode 22:Jeff Galbraith/Flyfish Journal

    Episode 21:Mike Savlen/Art Director,Victorian restoration/NH

    Episode 20:Shane Davies/Brazos River,Texas/Kayaks

    Episode19:Carrol Henderson/Department of Natural Resources/MN

    Episode18:Heather Sieber/Communication & Education Director/RBFF

    Episode17Danny Blandford /PAA(Professional Angler’s Association)

    Episode16:Cameron Mortenson/Fiberglass Manifesto and Kevin Powell/Red Dirt Studio

    Episode15:Eric Rathbun /Reel Pure,Moldy Chum

    Episode14:Better Bass Fishing/Robert Montogomery

    Episode 13:Conway Bowman/Extreme Fishing,Bowman Bluewater Guides & Outfitters

    Episode12: Bill Klyn/MD,Patagonia/Pirates of the Flats

    Episode11: Eclectic Guests interviews -Teeg Stouffer,Brian Bennett & Michael Mauro

    Episode10: Mikey Weir/Burl Productions (Soulfish),Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador

    Episode 9: Dylan Tomine/writer, Patagonia fly fishing ambassador

    Episode 8: Jerry Darkes / The Fish Dog – fly fishing bowfin and much more

    Episode 7: Jeff Turner / Fishing 50 States in 50 Days

    Episode 6: Patrick Ferguson / Bioline – Biodegradable Fishing Line

    Episode 5: Ben Hobbins / Ironclads – Fishing lure wins Pop Sci best invention of the year

    Episode 4: Dr. Sam Snyder / Religion, Fly Fishing and Conservation … and Dick Cheney

    Episode 3: Justin Crump and Kate Taylor / Life since Trout Bums and Rouge Angels

    Episode 2: Thad Robison / The Fly Fishing Film Tour

    Episode 1: Angie Michaels / FishHer – Fishing Gear for Women

    Complete archives (updated weekly) available on the Mauro Media site.

    Pete Maina


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