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    By FishRecycler | December 4, 2015


    This winter, Recycled Fish On Ice presented by Ice Team has partnered with Clam, Vexilar and Grabber Warmers to spread the Stewardship Ethic through ice fishing once again.

    Visit Recycled Fish on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find challenges – ranging from posting photos of released fish, to pics taking kids fishing or cleaning up trash – for your chance to win prize packs from our partners. One winner will earn a Vexilar FLX-28 as the grand prize!

    All of the challenges center around using #StewardsOnIce this winter, so post those photos, share those stories, and use that hashtag for your chances to win – and to make a difference.

    You can also get our free ice fishing lessons from the Clam pros by visiting RecycledFish.org/IceTeam.

    So what does being a “Steward On Ice” really mean?

    It means that you care about our waters, and you want to defend and protect them. You take ownership of them, treat them right.

    Sure, you’re practicing Selective Harvest. But you’re also never dumping bait down your hole at the end of the day. You don’t have a leaky gas auger or snowmobile. You’re never leaving trash on the ice, and you’re cleaning up any that you find. You’re taking kids, or vets, or single moms, or heck – anyone who needs to get out of the house a bit – out for a few hours on the ice.

    It also means that you’re living in a way day-to-day that is good for our waters, since our lifestyle runs downstream. It’s recycling, and buying recycled when you can. It’s fixing something rather than replacing it. It’s turning off the lights when you leave a room. It’s a reusable coffee cup instead of a daily styrofoam one. These are the things that stewards do – we honor our waters and wild places by being responsible with how we’re living.

    This winter, let’s tell a great story through social media.

    Let’s show the world that we’re not just ice fishermen, We Are Stewards … we are #StewardsOnIce.

    Facebook On Ice Cover 2015-2016


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